Agency Begins Bus Signage Pilot Program 

By : Angela Gregory

In October, Hampton Roads Transit began the process of replacing hundreds of bus stop signs. It’s part of a pilot program to standardize HRT’s bus stop signage while optimizing the customer experience, emphasizing visibility, prioritizing sustainability, and minimizing vandalism. 

The newly designed signage will replace the multi-sized flag and blade signs with a single panel underneath the traditional “lollipop.”  The bus stop numbers will now be prominently featured in large font at the top of both sides of every sign, and all signs will be printed on reflective vinyl for greater overall visibility.  These new signs will also be reinforced with anti-graffiti overlaminate to make cleaning easier and more effective.  All route information will be displayed on the side of the signs facing oncoming traffic, and the other side of each sign will feature a QR code linking customers to Real-Time Bus information and providing a form to report any issues at the stop through HRT’s Am I Clean Program. 

The design will make it easier to implement future changes. Stickers or decals can easily be placed over an individual section without needing to replace the entire sign. 

Pending a successful rollout and positive feedback from this exciting new program, the agency’s goal is to install these new signs at all bus stops system-wide over the course of the next year. 

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